Heat Gun Review: Top 10 Best Heat Gun Review & Buyer’s Guide

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If you are on the hunt looking for the best heat gun possible, it is very important you make sure you pick a heat gun that works perfectly and suits your needs.

With a heat gun in your hands, there are a variety of things you can do with it and many of them come with different nozzles.

These help you deliver the required amount of heat you need for a certain job you might be performing.

With so many heat gun options being sold out there, it can take you a very long time to pick the one the ticks all the boxes for you but this heat gun review has top 10 heat guns on the market.

1. Dewalt D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun

Dewalt is a very powerful brand and this heat gun does not disappoint at all. It is one of the best models not just on this list but the market in general because of the good quality performance you will get. 

One of its standout features is the LCD light display which allows you to change the temperature with 50-degree increments.

Another awesome feature is the kickstand support it has which is designed to provide great stability when you use it and stops you from tipping over. 

It is a very easy tool to use compared to other models on the market because it is super light and you will not feel tired if you use it for an extended period of time.

Reasons to Buy:

  • This heat gun has LCD display which is a nice cool feature that allows you to check the temperature with ease
  • The stability you get from this heat gun is the best around
  • The stability you get from this heat gun is the best around
  • It is super lightweight.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • This heat gun does not come cheap and is one of the most expensive tools on the market

2. Porter Cable PC1500HG

Another brand name that is very popular is Porter Cable and their PC1500HG model is certainly a tool that pack quiets a punch.

This tool easily outperforms the many heat guns on the market because it has incredible performance features. With 1500 watts at its disposal, it does not take long to heat up.

You can use it on a large variety of job site task because it is very durable, stable and has so much power.

Anyone looking for something that can remove materials with ease needs to turn to this product because it boasts a 7 amperes motor which makes jobs feel effortless and rotates 1100 times per time which is amazing.

Reasons to Buy:

  • You are always in control when you use this heat gun thanks to the soft rubber handles that make sure it does slip from your hands
  • Has some simple push buttons that enable you to start it and adjust settings with ease
  • A very powerful motor that allows you to use the product for a long time
  • Has dual fan speed selection

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Some people think this heat gun is a bit bulky and heavy making it difficult to use at times and fatigue.

3. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 Heat Gun

If you love versatility and portability, the Wagner Spraytech 0503008 Heat Gun definitely the go-to heat gun for you.

It has a very cool design and if you look at it from a design, you will easily notice the compact and pencil like design.

This pencil-like design brings about precision which anyone working with a power tool like this loves. You always want to be in full control and precise when doing a job.

If shrinking wrap, applying embossing powders and appliqué is in your line of work this tool is perfect thanks to its versatility and it certainly fulfills the needs of many customers.

With an operating temperature of 650 degrees Fahrenheit, it is not much when compared to other model but you will get things done with it.

Reasons to Buy:

  • One of the most versatile heat guns you can buy
  • A lot of people are surprised by how easy it is to use
  • If precision is what you are after, this is the perfect tool for you because it is amazing when it comes to precise control

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • One of the things that put people off is the price. It is a very expensive tool to have and if you are looking for something cheap and on a budget, this isn’t the product for you.

4. Master heat gun hg-751b

This heat gun is one of the strongest products on this list and comes with a power cord that is 6 foot long. This allows you to move around easily when you are working you get 1000 degree Fahrenheit at your disposal. Such a high temperature should be enough to get many jobs done.

What attracts customers to this product is the versatile performance and even in the most demanding of environments, you will get good quality results. It is worth every single penny not just from a performance point of view but also from a design point too as it lives up to its industrial quality and comes with a heavy duty construction.

Reasons to Buy:

  • This heat has the ability to handle very high temperatures
  • Versatile and performs at the highest level
  • Excellent industrial quality at your fingertips

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • This heat gun is very heavy and not ideal for customers who prefer a tool that is light while they are working

5. Steinel Heat Gun Hl2010E

What customers get when they buy this heat gun is a reflector nozzle that offers protection to the glass, a spreader, shrink tubes and welding rods.

All these features are wonderful but the standout features are the LCD that allows one to set the precise temperatures they want and a microprocessor controller.

With 1500 watts to work with, power and performance are the two things you will not have to worry about when it comes to this heat and its power cord is coated with rubber insulation.

If the nearest power outlet is very far away, you have nothing to worry about because this heat gun comes with a 6-foot cord giving you easy mobility while you work. It has one of the safety power cords you will ever find on a heat gun because it is safe, resistant to wear and is very durable.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Has a three-stage switch for much added and needed versatility
  • Provide you with precise temperature settings thanks to the microprocessor controller and LCD.
  • A super lightweight product that is very easy to use
  • Comes with a 6-foot long strong power cable

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • It does overheat when you use a lot

6. Milwaukee 8977-20 Heat Gun

Milwaukee is a brand that delivers top quality functionality and quality design. These are some of the things you get when you buy the Milwaukee 8977-20 Heat Gun and this heat delivers intense heat like no other on this list. Its ergonomic design, comfortable grip, and versatility makes it a must-have tool.

With a temperature that ranges from 120 to 1150 degree Fahrenheit, it is very easy to adjust meaning you will always pick the right temperature to suit the task at hand thanks to the incredibly clear LED readout display. 

You do not need two hands to use this heat thanks to its firm grip and lightweight design. You can use it with one hand plus it comes with a very long power cable. You will have greater reach because of it and many customers like that about this model.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Its heating elements do last longer than other models on the market
  • Can be used with one hand because it is very light when it comes to its weight
  • Provides you with excellent heat every time you use it and is very versatile
  • Incredibly clear LED readout display
  • Comes with a very long power cable that provides great reach.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Milwaukee heat gun models are not cheap at all and this one is very pricey

7. Milwaukee 8975-6 Heat Gun

There are so many people out there who complain that their heat gun takes a long time to heat their work surface up. If that is the same problem you are experiencing, look no further than the Milwaukee 8975-6 Heat Gun. 

This tool is amazing in more ways than one because it has an efficient soft air velocity which makes it heat up surfaces much faster.

It also has an 11.6 amp motor which will help you melt caulk, paint, PVC pipes, and decals thanks to temperatures that range from 570 to as much as 1000 degrees. 

The three position rocker switch the Milwaukee 8975-6 Heat Gun allows users to shut it off and use its impressive high heat or even low heat output.

At just 1.6 Ibs, you will notice that this tool is very light and one of the easiest heat guns you can use without suffering from fatigue.

Reasons to Buy:

  • A top rated heat gun that is very light and isn’t heavy
  • You do not need to have experience with heat guns to use this one because it is a very easy product to use
  • A very efficient tool that only weight 1.6 Ibs

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • The price of this product divides option as many customers think it is a very costly tool

8. Protect heat gun 1500w

This heat gun has a few benefits that many people love and that’s the reason why it is on this list. It has dual temperature settings meaning you can pick the correct settings to suit the surface you are working on. 

Not many tools provide users with such flexibility but this product does making it one of the most versatile options you can buy.

With a power rating of 1500 watts, it is perfect for both shop and house use. It will not let you down because you will get the best level of performance from it all the time. 

If you have freezers that need defrosting, paint that needs stripping from furniture and pipes that need thawing, this is the gun you need.

Reasons to Buy:

  • A very versatile heat gun that can be used on a variety of job
  • You get a good performing product
  • Comes with two heat settings and an awesome heat gun for paint removal.
  • A very easy product to use. All one has to do is plug it to a power outlet and turn the power switch on.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Needs about 30 minutes to heat up before you start using it

9. 1500 watt dual temperature heat gun

This is a very wonderful heat gun that comes with two heat settings to suit a job one is doing as well as a good coil design that will heat up your material faster than most models out there. 

What surprises most people about this heat gun is the price tag. It is a very affordable product which often catches people off guide because they find it easy to use and it has a wonderful grip.

For easy movement, the manufactures made sure it comes with a six-foot power cord as well as a durable ABS body. You also get a high and low-temperature setting to make sure you get the best results when using it and a three-way switch

Reasons to Buy:

  • This heat gun for craft comes with a cord that is 6-foot long
  • Has a three-way switch
  • Has a durable ABS body
  • Has an incredible coil design which heats up materials quicker as well as maintains even temperature

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • If one is not careful as an owner, it does come loose easily

This Product is Unavailable Now. You Can Check The Best Alternative Neu Master N2190

10. Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL

If you are on a tight budget this is a very attractive heat gun to buy even though it is not ideal for heavy-duty use. With a temperature setting of 580 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be able to get some of the small jobs around the house done like forming plastics, shrinking film and setting adhesives.

It might not be in the same bracket as the Dewalt model when it comes to sophistication, however, what you get here is a tool should be good enough to get small and medium-sized jobs done.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Even though it is limited when it comes to scope, you can use this on a variety of job at home
  • You do not have to worry if you are a novice because this is a very easy tool to use
  • One of the most durable heat guns out there and it has a lightweight design
  • A very comfortable product to handle
  • The perfect budget heat gun for those who do not want to spend a lot of money

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • It does not have a fan only setting like most other models on the market.
  • You will notice some fumes as soon as you turn the tool on

Heat Gun Safety

Tools such as a heat gun for soldering or even a heat gun for cosplay need to be used safely by their owners and below are a few safety tips one needs to know-

  • Never ever use your heat gun near anything that can easily catch fire or highly flammable
  • Always be on the lookout for the direction heat is being produced
  • Whenever you are putting the tool down, always make sure it is off
  • Before storing it, allow the tool to cool down first
  • Never look down the nozzle of the gun
  • Do not touch the metal nozzle with your hand or clothing

Ultimate Guideline - how to Choose a Heat Gun?

Before you part ways with your money and invest in a good quality heat gun for electronics, there are a few things you need to look at. Using this tool is very easy, however; you will need to understand things like temperature and power.

Power – On this tool. Power is something that is expressed in Watts. You will easily see it because of the letter (W) and the power that a particular heat gun has to offer reflects the max temperature you will get when you are using it. Many heat guns range from 1500 to well over 2300 Watts.

If you want something that is very effective and makes you finish your job faster, you have to buy something that has so much power to get rid of any unwanted paint. Be careful to not fall asleep or be sloppy because having so much power at your fingertips can result in damage of property, injury or even igniting of surfaces.

Hot air flow – Hot air flow will be expressed in liters per minutes and this is the rate at which the tool's temperature reaches the surface. Many heat guns are set at 500L/ mins however, this can be changed depending on the model that you have at your disposal.

Temperature control – This is probably the most important feature you need to look at especially when it comes to a heat gun if you want to use the tool for bending and welding. Many heat guns that are on the market especially on the internet come with three temperature settings which are 600, 400 and 50 degrees.

Accessories – These are the extra things that come with a product one buy and heat guns come with a few accessories one needs to be aware of before buying. When a heat gun is bought, it will come with

  • A scraper – This helps you combine heating and scraping
  • Cone nozzle – This allows you to focus the beam of the heat gun’s heat
  • Spoon reflector – This makes welding, bending and defrosting easier
  • Surface nozzle – This makes welding easier

All of the lovely accessories mentioned above are perfectly designed to make you use this tool safely and effectively. Always keep in mind that this is a tool that produces heat and the chances of you burning yourself are very high. Use it with care at all times to prevent injury and damage.


Overall this review should provide you with the best information you need when it comes to the best heat gun on the market. 

Based on the list provided, it is clear to see that there are different types of models one can buy on the market and you can get the best performance out of them especially if you understand the pros and cons each has. 

With so many good models making the cut on this list, you have to get the one that suits your needs and gives you the very best performance.


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