Best Electric Hand Planers - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

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This world being full of counterfeit items, there is a very high possibility of getting yourself a fake tool. This is a big blow once the item doesn’t last. You feel like you have wasted your energy, time, and your hard-earned money.

Are you working on shaping your wooden items? Are you confused about what best electric hand planer you should use? Well, I know it’s a little bit of a task to identify the best tool without landing on the one that will cost you a lot.

Worry no more…

Here is a collection of the top 10 electric hand planers to choose from

1. DEWALT DW680K 7 Amp 3-1 4-Inch Planer

With its rugged 7-Amp, 15,000 rpm motor The DW680K planer is able to give out steady, smooth and levelled out surfaces even on the toughest materials.

When in need of hogging a large amount of material within a short duration, this is the best tool to use as it can cut up to depths of 3/32 inches in a single pass.

It is never safe to carry any tool with just any bag you come across. This specific planer has a carrying case where you can fit it in and carry or store it safely when not in use.

Setting up the depths and heights of a planer can be tiresome and may result to errors. To eradicate this, this planer is equipped with a calibrated depth-adjustment knob to fine-tune the depth and height positions.

The manufacturer saw the need in using a sharp blade when cutting wood and equipped this planer with two resharpenable blades so you can sharpen your blades when you feel like it is too blunt.

To enhance its durability and ease of use, it is designed with a two finger trigger and a poly-v drive.

However, this planer might be a little messy because the shavings fly out of the exhaust when it is being used.

Reasons to Buy:

  • A sharp blade to work on the hardest woods
  • Resharpenable blades for efficiency
  • Able to cut off a large piece in a single pass

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Makes work place messy as shavings fly out of the exhaust

2. Bosch Pl2632k 3-1 4 Planer

Bosch PL2632k is a planer with 6.5Amp rating and a motor speed of 16,500rpm which enables faster stock removal and a smooth finish in both soft and hard woods.

Anyone using a planer would love to have a consistent flow on their work piece. To ensure this, this planer is designed with a no-mar plastic overshoe mounted on either of its side.

Accuracy is a very important aspect in wood work. During assembly, this tool is equipped with front and rear shoes for precision and maintaining accuracy.

To ensure that the shavings from your work piece are pushed to the side you want (left or right) an ejection control is fixed to serve the purpose.

Do you need to make a neat chamfered edge? Then this is the right tool as it has a machined grove fixed on it to ensure that.

It is also fixed with a poly-v drive belt which is durable.

A spring as well as a built in stand are fixed onto it to keep the tool elevated and ensure that the blades are well protected.

When in need of high speed operation, the versatile two-blade system fixed on this tool can be changed with high speed blades.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Front and rear shoes for accuracy maintenance
  • A machined groove to ensure chamfering
  • A durable poly –v drive belt
  • High speed operation as a result of high speed blades

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • A little bit costly
  • There is no dust bag to collect the shavings

3. Wen 6530 Electric Hand Planer

This is a 6-amp motor planer with a cutting speed of 34,000 cuts per minute which makes it more efficient.

It is made with 16 positive stops that increment at 1/128 inch from 0-⅛”. It is also designed with a built-in wrench which is adjustable.

It is equipped with a v-shaped groove which helps to make the sharp corners flat in an easy way.

When in need of making parallel and straight cuts, the parallel fence bracket fixed on it makes it possible.

Every work piece and every blade of an electric hand planer needs to be protected. To ensure this, the manufacturer designed a kickstand along with the tool. It still makes it efficient despite the fact that it is hard to maneuver.

Collecting wood shavings in your working area is quite tedious but the reversible dust bag fitted on this planer serves the purpose. However, the dust bag gets easily filled up because it is relatively small.

Its rabbeting guide is fitted in a manner in which you can adjust it to the position you want.

You can make various cuts with this planer as its blade is double-sided. However, this blade can still make cuts even when set at zero.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Sharpening flat corners is made easier by the v-groove
  • It maintains a clean working area with a dust bag put in place
  • Its double-sided blade makes it possible to make different cuts

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Its dust bag gets easily filled up
  • Inconvenience caused by the blade as it can cut even at zero position

4. Porter cable pc60thp

This product is made for comfort and power as it will give an effective and efficient output because of its 6-Amp motor with a speed of 16,500 rpm for a smoother operation and finish.

Its lightweight makes it very easy to use and increase its productivity.

When you feel like changing the side on which you extract the dust from your work piece from, you easily achieve that because both sides of this tool are fixed with dust extraction space to attach the dust bag.

Your safety is more important than anything else and a kickstand equipped on this planer elevates the blade making it safe to use.

It also has a lock-on switch, an over mold depth knob and an 11.5” cast aluminium shoe which can cut up to ⅚” depth making this planer powerful, efficient and versatile.

It is designed with 10 positive stops compared to the mold depth knob.

The whole kit comes along with a dust bag, cutting lades, an edge guide and a wrench. To ensure that these items are stored or carried safely without risking them to damage, a kit bag big enough to fit the items is provided.

However, the dust bag is small and gets filled up after a few passes.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Very efficient to work with because of its light weight
  • An equipped kickstand to enhance safety
  • Dust extraction points on every side of the planer
  • Suitable for smooth finish

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • The dust bag gets easily filled up

5. Makita kp0810 planer

Makita kp0810 planer is equipped with a 7-amp motor which makes it a suitable tool for smoothing hard surfaces and edges and can be used for professional carpentry.

It is equipped with a blade system that is easy to use and install. To protect the blade, a spring loaded stand is fixed on it. This blade system is double-edged and made from carbide making it easy and comfortable to use.

No one would love to work with an item that has continuous mishaps. The lock-on button designed along with this tool ensures a continuous and smooth operation.

Its front and rear handles are made from rubber whose balance is ergonomically centered.

Its belt durability is a surety as it made with a poly-v drive belt of a very high and reliable quality.

A chip ejection system is fitted on it making it unique and suitable for all wood work operations.

However, this planer creates a little messy working area as it does not come along with a dust bag. But this gives you an opportunity to be creative and come up with an effective way of collecting the shavings.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Fitted with a chip ejection tool
  • An ergonomically centered handle
  • A durable poly v belt
  • An easy to use blade system

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Unavailability of a dust bag

6. Dewalt d26676 Portable Planer

This is a portable planer with a 5.5 amp power motor which has a speed of 17, 000rpm which makes it possible to make smooth and even finish even on the hardest of woods and it can cut up to a depth of 1/16”.

The main goal behind using a planer is material removal. The 34,000 cuts per minute rate in this machine enhances the speed in which the material is hogged off.

Its belt is a poly-v drive belt which is durable and of a high quality.

Do you love keeping your work surface in good condition? Do you now it can be ruined by a machine? Well, this machine ensures your work place safety with a kickstand which is installed in it.

Fatigue is likely to be experienced but this electric hand planer eliminates unnecessary fatigue with its ergonomically designed and comfortable handle.

For a lasting blade and a fine material finish, this planer is designed in a way that it can accept carbide blades.

In order to attain straight edging and framing, it is equipped with industry-standard large size blades which are resharpenable.

It is equipped with a blade depth setting gauge with a depth adjustment knob set at 1/6 inches.

The only disadvantage of this tool is that it can make your workplace dirty as it is not equipped with a dust bag.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High speed in cutting off material
  • An ergonomically designed handle to reduce fatigue
  • Ensures straight framing made possible by the industry-standard blades
  • Carbide blades for finer material finish

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • It doesn’t come along with a dust bag

7. Makita 1806b 10.9 Amp 6-3/4-inch Planer

This is a rugged and powerful tool with a 10.9 amp and a 6-¾ inch planer which is ideal for framing timber.

Because of its heavy and stable nature, you can’t notice the difference in cutting soft and hard woods. There is also minimal vibration resulting to a smoother surface in a shorter amount of time without much struggle.

Its multiple depth adjustment makes it easy for a consistent razor sharp accuracy.

Oak is a very tough wood and it can be quite hard to cut it. However, the cut quality of this planer is good enough for all hard woods and it also does an excellent work on the soft woods.

When looking for comfy, you can find it in the handle of this tool making it very easy and enjoyable when working with it.

A lock-on button fixed on this planer makes it easy for a continuous and consistent work.

When you buy this tool, it comes along with items like a sharpening order assembly, a blade set and a quality wooden case to keep it when not in use.

Its heavy weight and high cost makes it a setback but I believe that quality should be preferred to weight and money.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High cut quality makes it possible to work on hard woods
  • Consistent work ensured by a lock-on button
  • Consistent razor sharp accuracy maintained by a depth adjustment system

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Very heavy

8. Hitachi P18dslp4 18V 3-1 4 Planer

This is a 5.5 amp 18V cordless planer covered with a Hitachi’s Lifetime Lithium Ion tool warranty and it is recommended that you use 330139 battery and UC18YKSL charger.

Since it needs batteries in order to operate, its tool body is made in a way that it can work with all Hitachi 18-Volt Lithium Ion slide-type batteries.

It can cut up to 5/64” depth and 3-¼” width with a maximum rabbeting depth of 11/32”.

You will enjoy yourself when using this tool because its handle is made with a soft grip to enhance its comfort and reduce fatigue.

It is such a disappointment when a machine stops working without a warning. The manufacturer eradicated this disappointment by fitting an indicator to notify the user when he battery charge is running low to reduce downtime.

The manufacturer also put into consideration the user’s safety and attached a stand on the rear side of the equipment to prevent the user from being hurt by the equipment.

The standard heavy blade is excellent for fine-tuning before sheetstrock goes in and its 7.3lbs weight makes it an ergonomic tool.

When working on a lighter material, you can put in thin blades which are replaceable.

The main drawback fro this is tool is that the charger and the battery are sold separately and the machine comes as a tool body only

Reasons to Buy:

  • Compatible with all Hitachi 18-Volt Lithium Ion slide-type batteries.
  • Replaceable blades for efficiency
  • Presence of a low battery indicator

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • The charger and the battery are sold separately

9. Ryobi HPl52k Planer

Ryobi HPl52k Planer is a 6-amp 16,500 rpm corded hand planer. It has a left/right dust ejection dial and one can choose the side on which to blow the shavings depending on the side you are standing on.

Its adjustable depth knob makes it possible to adjust depth from 0-1/8” in 1/96”. This will help you carry out various woodworking projects and ensure a maximum precision.

A slippery machine handle is a high risk to your body. Therefore, the grip zone over mold in this planer is made of rubber to ensure a firm grip.

Safety is ensured by a lock-off button to prevent accidental activation to save you from hurting yourself or damaging the equipment.

It has exhaust ports on either sides of the unit and it is designed with a plastic piece mounted on the rear side known as a kickstand which is used to prevent your work surface from getting destroyed.

It is a major setback that despite placing the dust bag in an appropriate place, the machine still leaves your workplace a mess.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Left/right dust ejection
  • Safety is ensured by a lock-on button
  • A firm and comfortable material for handle grip

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • The machine leaves your workplace dirty

10. Black and Decker 7698k Planer

This planer operates at 2.5 amp to offer versatile functionality for different uses like trimming the side of slab bars.

If you want to achieve a decorative finish work, its 5/16” rabbeting depth capacity and a chamfering groove to make it easy to achieve that.

To ensure durability of the item and to protect it from damage, it is equipped with a nice carrying case to keep all the pieces together.

Need an item that is friendly to your tight budget? This planer is sold at a cheaper price and is able to get work done within a couple of hours.

To keep your workplace clean, a vacuum attachment is fixed to collect the shavings.

If you need a planer that is easy to handle, then the weight of this one will be favorable to you as it is very light and gives a nice finish to the surface.

You can comfortably balance it in the hands and the power is definitely enough to work on a large piece of wood.

It includes 10 positive stops, and a front depth adjustment handle.

However, all the pieces of this tool should be fitted in a carrying case and it is quite hard to figure out how to fix them but once you learn how to do it, it will be a nice road for you.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Presence of a depth adjustment handle
  • Easier to handle because of its light weight
  • Fixed with a vacuum attachment to ensure a clean work surface
  • Available at an affordable price

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • It is hard to fix the tool in its carrying case

Key Factors To Note When Choosing An Electric Hand Planer

The blade being used- the planers blade determines the output quality as well as the planer’s speed. The planers with a dual blade give a better output compared to the ones with a single blade.

Power- when buying a planer, it is very vital to take into account because it determines its importance. The planers which have a motor power of 5-6 amp are reliable and they deliver a smoother output and an outstanding work. With a higher amp, the output efficiency becomes even greater.

Depth control- a planer which is designed with an adjustable knob makes it easier to control the precision of the cuts you desire to make. This knob is specially made to check how deep your cuts are. The best planers are the ones with a lock button and this will make it have a consistent depth during planing.

Ergonomic handles- the handle of a planer should be comfortable and easy to deal with.

Easy blade installation- for the planers with a replaceable blade, it should be easy to install the blades and they should have a protection to protect you from getting hurt or marring the work surface.

Accessories- you should consider items like a dust bag, a carrying bag when buying a planer because you will need these to protect your surface as well as your tool and ensure it lasts for a long time.

Stay Safe With The Following Tips When Working With A Bench Top

  • Put on an eye or ear protection
  • Keep your hands off the machine during operation and especially the space that is between the bed and the cutter head
  • Before replacing blades, ensure that the power source is switched off
  • Avoid looking into the machine when it is running
  • Avoid loose clothing and jewelry a well as loose hair
  • Avoid planing a board that is smaller than ¼” thick or the one shorter than the distance between the feed rollers inside the machine


The above ten tools are important in its own way and you should choose one according to your preference, amount of money you have, the time required to do the work and the work piece you are operating on.

The tools can help anyone working in woodwork who needs to make their work surface smoother and give it an even finish within a short duration of time and in a protected way. Be very careful with the safety precautions when handling the machines to avoid injury.


This is Abraham. Professional power tools mechanic with years of experience. Writing is my hobby. So I decide to share my experience with people by writing about all types of power tools review and buyers guide that I'm using.

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