About The Pincer

We're a tool blog. Our goal is to provide you with valuable tips and insights, so you can make informed choices when deciding to buy power tools and equipment for your home, industrial or commercial projects.

We understand how it can be confusing and time-consuming to choose from a wide variety of models and features, which are available within the market today.

Worry no more

We’re experts in what we do. Our enthusiasm about all things power tools is reflected in the seriousness we put in our day-to-day business. And so, we put in painstaking efforts and time to test, experiment, and research power tools, sharing our findings in reviews, industry trends and buyer guides.

But it's up to you to decide what power tools feel most like you and suit your needs perfectly. Tools come in various shapes and sizes, and are made of materials whose quality, durability, precision and toughness vary widely. Hence, costs are variable.

In one way or another, our budget runs out. Our work is to ensure you select a power tool whose price range is within your means.

Our top Priority

When you're 100% satisfied with our services, we're happy. You're the center of our universe, and we value you so much. If you've any burning question or issue, our experts will gladly help. They're always on standby to assist you however they can.

Losing you is the last thing on our minds, because without you, there’s nothing we call “us”. Customers are mirrors of our business; hence, you’re important part and parcel of our business.

Our Mission

We intend to assist you to make informed decisions when you decide to buy power tools for your home, commercial or industrial project.

Our Vision

We strive to be thought leaders in what we do. We want to set trends for others to follow, not just benchmark other practices.